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Be Gwsw || Be Gwrbw || New Bodo || Official Full Video - 2020 ||

#Be_Gwsw #Be_Gwrbw Official Full Video is today Released with our little hearth.

Lyrics: Sansuma

Singer: Sansuma and Jugeswari

Music: Amor, Tangla College Chauk

Casting: Digambar, Trishna, and Pinky Rabha

Camera, Gimbal, Drone handling and Editing by Biliphang

Producer by "Bodopress" (Ex Rhino)

"Haila Huila || Rongjani De || A New Bodo Official Full Video || 2020-21 || Bardwi Sikhwla"

A Bodo Official Full Video "Haila Huila Rongjani De" is Today released for public entertainment on YouTube Channel " Bodo Press". We hope that its to be enjoyed our little presentation for interesting  watching the video, and which  our creation without heavy instruments. Thanks for watching our videos.
**Haila Huila Rongjani De**
Lyrics and Tune by Hadabsa Boro
Vocal by Reetamoni Boro
Music: Amor
Camera & Editing by Biliphang
*Cast: Trishna and Digambar
Director & Choreography : Biliphang
Group Dancer: Anjali, Dwimushri, Bibari, Daneswari, Karishmita, Damini and Boys: Gaurab, Phungkha and Bhabesh.
Producer & Cinematography by "Bodo Press" (Ex Rhino)
Please visit for more videos on https://bodo.bodonews.info and www.bodo.live/
#Haila_Huila #Rongjani_De

Hai Sona || New Bodo || Official Full  Video || 2020-21 ||   Today Released ||

Gwrlwi Instroments Gwiya Labasino Banaynay Video Gwrwnthiyatho thano hagw beni thakhoi nimaha thabay, Naynanoi boibw khintha hor mwjang gajri. Gwjwnthwng.
Song: Hai Sona
Singer: Ranjit & Jonalima
Music: Hemant
Casting: Digambar & Lalita
Directed& Choreography by: Raj & Sameer
Camera & Editing: Biliphang
Producer & Cinematography by "Bodo Press" (Being Ex Rhino)
Special Thanks to:
Swmkhwr and Rongjali
Hai Visit us on www.bodonews.info (https://bodo.bodonews.info)
Copyright : All right reserved by owner of this Chanel. 
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